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BarbarianBabes's News

Posted by BarbarianBabes - March 9th, 2020

UPDATE: we'll keep posting art and news as things develop, but our intro game for Prisinia 3 will be a hot spankin' slappin' good time!

The sexy-bloody-adorable world of Amazoria just got hotter. Our hellcat heroine is back, and she's going to be slashing and paddling her way to victory in a new game featuring anime style animated clashes in ultra thrilling and absurdly sexy combat!

Prisinia 3 will feature 10+ beautiful busty bad girls, with hot posters and catfight comic pages released for each one. Stay tuned!




Posted by BarbarianBabes - February 20th, 2020


Ok finally fixed the damn final boss of PWR, she actually works now including fatality and ending credits show!

Topsy Boxy 2 is live!

12 girls, 29 sexy bonus rounds, 8 unlocks, and one hidden fight... come get that sexy-click boxing action!




Posted by BarbarianBabes - February 8th, 2020

One of our cutest sexy boxing games- Topsy Boxy, just got a sequel, and the complete game will be going live next week!




Posted by BarbarianBabes - January 16th, 2020

Swim Coach patch today 1-16-2020:

Hana's Flunked poster now properly enabled

Aiko's Perfect poster now properly enabled

Ultimate Spank Trophy now appears (won by flunking AND orgasm on all girls)

Girls are much less likely to hide it when you catch them rubbing their breasts or masturbating

We'll be going back to the dark world of Fenclave and Gynopolis for a minute, with hot new posters here!



Posted by BarbarianBabes - December 23rd, 2019

Happy Holidays!!

Swim Coach 1.5 has been uploaded to the mothership at barbarianbabes.com, and the demo here has been upgraded. Lots of new features:

  • unlockable sexy Postcards for each girl you flunk added to Coach's office
  • Ultra X Trophy added, for flunking ALL girls after each of them has had an orgasm...
  • Ultra X Bonus level added, where you pick which girl you'd like to watch pleasure herself.
  • Spanky Mode is now free by default, though turning it on rules out some of the trophies.
  • Increased Warnings girls accrue for being spanked when you have them out of the pool.

*Technically the Mistress Trophy (black) is enabled all the way to her bonus scene here at Newgrounds, but the ban against linked Flash files may keep it from loading. Seems like a crap shoot but we HAVE enabled it so give it a shot!



Posted by BarbarianBabes - December 15th, 2019

We’ll be removing Swim Coach soon so play it while it’s hot!

it will still be available in our member area at barbarianbabes.com and for sale at DLsite.com


Posted by BarbarianBabes - December 12th, 2019

So here are the fixes so far, including a lot more play time:

*** TIP: remember to blow your airhorn if you get stuck.

*** TIP: girls who start with very low effort are at risk of drowning, so have them do some kicks to get that score up!

*** if you don't see the 0-100% loading screen you are loading the old version, try closing your browser completely and restarting, this is a known bug with Newgrounds Player, sometimes it reloads a flash file, sometimes it stubbornly sticks to the old version.


Fixed a bug where using the whistle would make the girls unclickable.

We have DOUBLED the time you have to play, and changed

the Headmistress greeting.

Increased Teacher Points from spanking

Two ways for girls to orgasm now, and both add +Warnings

Fixed Life Ring glitch when girls run out of Effort on their own

Flunking girls now gets you the Flunked warning and +Time

Patch 12-11-2019:

Added a toggle for the Life Saver Ring, so if you have it spinning to throw and don't want to use it, you can just click it again.

Added another sexy animated scene (look for the googly eyes)




Posted by BarbarianBabes - December 11th, 2019

Yes boys and girls, it's finally here. There's a LOT more strategy involved in this one, and many different ways to play it, so I hope you enjoy and will leave some tips in the comments when you get into it.

The demo is full featured (you can even win every trophy and poster) though you'll need to play the full version at barbarianbabes.com to access extra trophy bonus scenes, unlock super spanky mode, and punish the Headmistress!




Posted by BarbarianBabes - December 10th, 2019

Quick update we’re nearly there:

Swim Coach has undergone lots of balance testing and gameplay tweaks to make it the best it can be- it’s now pretty damn awesome, a lot more strategy options than Spank 18:

You can min-max focus the class as a group with treading drills and sidewall kicks, or you can have them get out of the pool for more spanking options and Diving tests (5 good dives gets her a medal then her next perfect dive = graduated)

you can also give away up to 15 stars to strategically “teacher’s pet” certain girls and graduate them if their stats are good.

OR you can focus on punishment and paddle them hard to stack up warnings for expulsion, or spend warnings like currency for the more aggressive spankings which increase her stats more (allowing her to get perfect dives sooner).

girls who run out of Effort will start to drown unless you throw them the life ring!

The girls will hop out and try to run away, bean Coach will kickballs and paddle boards, steal his whistle, kick him over sometimes when he’s trying to catch them, and splash him as well as each other. they also trade gossip, fall asleep, and of course touch themselves >.<

the Clipboard lets you see real time mood emojis for all the girls and keep track of her career warnings and diving tests aced.

there are currently 6 trophies in the game, with a sexy update coming before Christmas with the 7th trophy which can only be achieved by flunking every girl AFTER every girl has had an orgasm :o


Posted by BarbarianBabes - December 4th, 2019

Yeah you read that right... took us long enough eh?

This game is considerably larger than Spank 18 (with a lot more spanking scenes) but hopefully just as much fun.

We will be putting a TIMED DEMO up here soon, which isn't missing any features but will limit your play time.

The game will be going live in all its full glory this week at barbarianbabes.com

*and you can stop it with the sad emojis lol; we can't give away the entire full version for free like last time, we have to buy food and pay bills.