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BarbarianBabes's News

Posted by BarbarianBabes - October 24th, 2019

Fat tasty update is live at the mothership (Lenny's Halloween dating game, with 4 girls, and 4 more coming on the 31st!) with 10 new sexy Halloween posters.

We've uploaded the Mummy level here and you can peak at the other girls... but linking Flash vids is no longer possible on Newgrounds (since they introduced to the new player) so if you want to see the whole game you'll have to check it out at BarbarianBabes.com!



Posted by BarbarianBabes - October 17th, 2019

So we'll have a sexy Halloween update at BarbarianBabes.com in two parts. Leisure Slick Lenny makes his triumphant return, only this time he has to woo and seduce creepy Halloween babes!

This weekend Part 1 goes live featuring Lenny in his trademark white suit with rose in his teeth, vs. the Goblin Queen, a sexy Scarecrow, Mummy babe and sultry Vampiress!

Coming on Halloween itself we'll have Part 2, featuring Lenny vs. the Psycho Nurse, Wild Witch, Devil Girl, and Beautiful Doll.

We'll put a demo up here as well, with some art showing off all the girls. Happy Halloween!



Posted by BarbarianBabes - September 11th, 2019

What's Belly Hunter without Boob Hunter? sexy nude ninjas slugging it out in this strategic fighter lol... with sexy endings of course. We MAY put a gameplay demo up here, stay tuned.

Our site got some much needed infrastructure work today, so you can now PREVIEW all the wallpapers, with the our Updates preview area and Join page heavily updated.



Posted by BarbarianBabes - August 26th, 2019

Big update today, including a 21 image catfight piece, and TWO new levels for Belly Hunter, complete with all their sexy endings... woof!



Posted by BarbarianBabes - August 22nd, 2019

To celebrate the recent release of Jette Sexi chapter 2 at BarbarianBabes.com we've greatly revamped the original game both here and at the mothership.

8-22-2019 Patch Notes: MUCH easier to play now, Jette regenerates health from kills, gets increased XP, and begins with several important powerups. There are also tooltips ON SCREEN now for every item you've unlocked allowing you to much more easily take advantage of the shopping! This is in addition to many bug fixes and overall QOL fixes.


Posted by BarbarianBabes - August 21st, 2019

New game at the mothership. Belly Hunter is a wacky voyeuristic romp of belly punching and vampire slaying... yeah you can't make this sh*t up. 5 new posters as well, with TWO more levels being adding to the game this coming weekend.

We've got a demo up here to play, though you can't get to the sexy endings (in which MORE belly punching ensues and our Huntress either finishes the vampiress off or ends up getting her blood sucked, or even getting double teamed by TWO vampires and belly punched into oblivion lol.

Obviously this is a game for fans of sexy belly punching (and vampire hunting too i suppose haha). if that's not you, move along!



Posted by BarbarianBabes - July 27th, 2019

Hi peeps, so just a quick note here, we know you love games, but we get a lot of exposure from our artwork, so we want to announce that you'll be seeing more of it here- with a twist. We'll be putting up some EXCLUSIVE art posters at Newgrounds that won't be anywhere else- though each time we do we will have a corresponding new piece go up on our site at BarbarianBabes.com

After a month or two the exclusive art here will be uploaded to our site, but in the meantime NEW exclusive art will be added here. Just an FYI

We have some popular game worlds, Spank 18, Amazoria (home of Prisinia Golden Fighter!) and the new Fenclace/Jette Sexi stuff, which is a world where bio-enhanced women dominate and war in factions while men are subjugated completely as a resource (the horror!!!)

We will also be changing the banner here because I hate it.

Anyway, stay tuned.



Posted by BarbarianBabes - July 20th, 2019

Hot Artwork update today, 10 pages of our new Fenclave comic, 10 hot wallpapers, and 20 images for Grind Girls 2!

We've got another game update coming THIS week, stay tuned!




Posted by BarbarianBabes - June 17th, 2019

Hot new 20 page gallery up today, along with the next Level of Busty Box 2. The game is almost done (2 more fights) then we'll be releasing Swim Coach!



Posted by BarbarianBabes - May 11th, 2019

Hot new 20 page gallery up today, along with the next Level of Busty Box 2. The game is almost done (2 more fights) then we'll be releasing Swim Coach!