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BarbarianBabes's News

Posted by BarbarianBabes - February 12th, 2016

So as promised we will be sharing Spacegirlz Chapter 1 right here as soon as it's finished.  We are also listening carefully to feedback we've been getting and have some new testers helping us go back through old games so they can be tuned to be easier to play, and therefore more fun!

Thanks for the continuing feedback, and as a side note we will also have an upcoming promotion like we did for our wrestling game Babeworld Wrestling, where we allow users to design a character for our game.  We will probably have some kind of poll or something and pick our favorite feedback- that person will describe in detail the character that they want and we will put her into Spacegirlz.


Posted by BarbarianBabes - February 7th, 2016

So we nearly broke 100,000 gameplays our first month here at Newgrounds.  That is pretty damn sweet and I want to thank all of you who tried our games, had patience with our bugs, and checked out our website.

Also thanks to everyone who left us a review, good or bad.  We've got a lot more great stuff we'll be putting up here, including some newer material that isn't even on our website yet.

First up will be Spacegirlz, Chapter 1.  This will be a brand new spinoff off Spacegirl Interrupted, all updated with hotter animations, sounds, graphics, and starring those cute little xenobits we have come to know and love- with brand new Spacebabes!

Stay tuned for more sexy cool stuff coming this week and THANK YOU for playing !


"a dangerous world of erotic fantasy comics, artwork and games."



Posted by BarbarianBabes - February 6th, 2016

We've had a huge wave of interest for these, so I wanted to announce it here first- we will be releasing a new line of Spacegirl Interrupted games, and the first one will go up right here when we are finished.  It's a great concept but we will be creating new characters, new artwork and UI and updating the look and feel with more sexy animations and sounds.

Posted by BarbarianBabes - February 4th, 2016

We just put the finishing touches on a sexy 15 page player's guide for Mix n' Match boxing.  You can see the artwork here, and follow the link to peruse the guide itself.  All 12 characters are exposed, along with strategy tips and tricks!

Posted by BarbarianBabes - February 2nd, 2016

So I invite you to try out Glass Jill again in our Mix n' Match boxing game.  The game is now finished and the final, ultimate version will be live at Barbarianbabes.com this week.

There are now two endings for every fight (including the one you can play here).  If you get a PERFECT (have 99 health) instead of having sex, she will sit on your face :D

Now to make that a little easier than simply not getting hit, we have added a second button you can use by spending Star Points.  It's on the lower right and it will HEAL you for 33 health.  You will also start each match with 1 Star Point in reserve.

As long as you finish the fight with 99 health it doesn't matter if you took a few punches.  We've also done one last balance pass, and in the case of Glass Jill we've made her blocking ability even more terrible.  There are now 12 girls in the finished version, which means 24 sexy endings, and a Fighter Select menu (you can only choose girls you have unlocked by defeating the previous opponent).

Thanks for checking out our games, and we hope you enjoy the new ending :)

Posted by BarbarianBabes - January 9th, 2016

So if you go to Google and type in "sexy wrestling game" or "sexy boxing game", or any variation like "topless boxing game" etc it's interesting to see what it comes up with.

Nothing.  You will find vague references to youtube videos for a 10 year old awkward looking girl boxing game, and as far as wrestling you won't even find that- a few very primitive slide show flash games and videos of women wrestling; along with some mixed femdom wrestling games where you can't actually wrestle the girls, but they will beat the snot out of you with glee.

In fact you won't even find references to the sexiest wide release wrestling game ever- Rumble Roses XX for Xbox 360.  

Enter Barbarian Babes.com.  Barbarian Babes started as a pinup artwork and erotic comics website, and branched into web games in 2009.  The early games were primitive offerings- nude boxing with hardly any animation, and clicker style fighting games with spanking bonus rounds, even a send up of the movie 300, done with all nude girls, where you play the cape and helmet (only) wearing Queen of Sparta as she butchers her way through hordes of sexy persians and bosses.

When Barbarian Babes was starting to pick up steam the owner started a second site- Erotic Vixens Wrestling.  Building a decent web game of female wrestling is no easy task, so at first all the site had was comics of wrestling matches and tournaments where members could vote on which wrestlers would win in the comics.  After games were introduced the two sites were merged into one, Barbarian Babes Interactive at barbarianbabes.com.

As time went on it became clear that users wanted less of the bloody type violence in games (vampire hunting, gladiatrix etc) and were more into catfight wrestling and boxing, probably because there's nowhere else for that kind of gameplay experience.

So then a funny thing happened, we started giving people what they wanted, and the site exploded.  Oddly enough, we still don't show up on a google search for the most part, unless you google something like "sexy amazons" or "sexy gladiatrix catfight".

So now here we are at the beginning of 2016 and this is what it looks like:

Members continue to be rabid for X-rated wrestling and boxing, with sexual bonus content to unlock, character progression and a real sense of challenge and gameplay.  We would like to bring more examples of this here to Newgrounds, and since we are getting very vocal feedback here we'd like to incorporate that into the types of games we build in the future.  Currently these are our biggest games:

Babeworld Wrestling -- in this game you play Selynda Star, a sexy superheroine-turned-wrestler.  The game features a main HQ hub (her apartment lol), where you can do such things as training exercises, media interviews, chill on the couch with a beer, watch her have wet dreams as she sleeps, watch her take a sexy interactive shower, review endings you've unlocked, trophies you've won from fights, respec your stats, select matches and shop for stats and upgrades in the comprehensive BWW store.  There are 10 fights in the game including the final boss, with dozens of sexy endings to unlock and bonus content, along with TONS and TONS of wrestling moves to use on your opponents.  The BEST way to get an idea for this game is to look at the Player's Guide, it covers all the enemies, moves, HQ, gameplay and options, and it's loaded with game screens and artwork.  Check out the 50 page guide (no pop-ups, no bullshit) right here:


Foxy Box -- this is our current venture, and is still ongoing.  So far there are 13 fights in the game with a lot more to come, there's plenty of content to unlock and purchase using points you save while fighting, including entirely new areas like Fairy Boxmother's Massage Parlor, a relaxing Poolside mini-game (including drinking and sex), and the Foxy Dungeon where you spin a roulette wheel against Sister Silla, a sexy naughty nun, to see what sort of sexual activities happen to your character or the nun herself.  The fighting in Foxy Box was made to be fast paced, with extra jiggly breast-bouncing impacts and all sorts of ways to incorporate strategy and special moves.  You can even KO the ref (which may lead to a grudge match against the Ref because she's sick of your shit).  Player's Guide here:


Busty Box -- like Babeworld Wrestling this game is complete and was our largest boxing game until Foxy Box; the object in Busty Box is very simple- wear down your opponents heaving breasts until she is tired out and vulnerable to a knockdown.  Knock her down enough times and you win, keep the fight going longer to unlock additional endings. Player's Guide here:



Other Boxing and Wrestling games include (from newest and largest to oldest):  Topsy Boxy, Girly Punch, Bouncy Boo Boxing, Robox, Oil Fighter, Punch R' Out, Dirty Catfight Boxing, and Naked Knockout. 

There are TONS more games on the site (over 60 total) but those big 3 are the cream of the crop for wrestling and boxing, and the response has been huge.  We are also working on a mixed boxing game where you box Punch Out style and then have makeup sex after you defeat your buxom opponent.  

So we'd just like to say thank you for taking a look at our games, and while we understand folks would love to access ALL of our content for free, Barbarian Babes is full time work for several people so we do charge for memberships.  That said we will continue to upload free content here, and we are reading your feedback very closely.  Erotic catfight games are a great escape, and we are proud to bring you examples from the only dedicated adult fighting game site on the web.

Posted by BarbarianBabes - January 8th, 2016

I know all about sexism, but when @FemFreq makes the assumption that men cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy?  I find that incredibly sexist.  

In Japan there is literally nothing you can't get away with in entertainment media- they have the most ridiculous, violent, and disgusting sexual games and porn you could imagine.

And they have like 10% as many sex crimes as we have in the US per capita.  The connection between real world behavior and sexy video games is completely fabricated.  So if Anita Sarkeesian wants more "realistic" women in fantasy games, maybe it's time she design a few herself.

Posted by BarbarianBabes - January 6th, 2016


Ok so Metal Gear is getting a new action figure for Quiet, this sexy mute assassin chick.  And she's got soft breasts that you can squeeze and move like the real thing.

I find this to be simultaneously hot, creepy, ridiculous, and funny... some feminists are losing their minds about it- saying it teaches boys to molest women.  They are still searching for that elusive mythical evidence that movies/games/TV/toys can turn you into a predator.

Now naturally they avoid evidence that points to the exact opposite of the "Facts" they are looking for.  For example in Japan this kind of thing is everywhere, very sexual toys and games along with very violent sci-fi/fantasy pornography- yet in Japan their rape statistic is virtually nonexistent compared to the US, where this kind of content is regularly censored.

My thesis, now and forever, is that we should focus on how humans treat other humans, and not how we treat our toys.  Do I find this action figure a little creepy?  Yep.  But should there be a law banning someone from making it to protect the fragile emotions of someone who may be offended by an action figure?  GTFO.

So squeeze away...


Posted by BarbarianBabes - January 5th, 2016

So I've had a thing for sexy femaie enemies/monsters in games forever... in fact I find brutal nasty female enemies sexier than wafish useless damsels in distress every time- in video games and anime I like my girls deviant and powerful <3

So WTF am I on about, well, i stumbled across a bizarre game called Monster Girl Quest 2, and I loved the art, but was disappointed to discover it's basically a porn game.  I was hoping for like a new-age Dragon Warrior type RPG where the landscape is populated by sexy female monsters, and you adventure, quest gear up, find new towns etc- just like you're playing a regular RPG!  Colorful cartoony graphics, beautiful scenery, and lots of tits XD

Except of course no such game exists.  So I'm thinking about making one.  And not in that "this is my kickstarter intro for the love of PLZ GIVES MONEY!"  I don't need your money.

But it did occur to me it might be cute to post a pic to see if I am the only one in the universe who would remotely be interested?  Because if so... well I can always take a long walk of a short pier.  Or, more likely, put this game on the back burner.  So anyway- here's my design for Mecha Spider- going for that Anime monster girl look.